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If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you probably already know what I've 
done two weeks ago. It was time to give my mini addiction a little dose again. I got my fourth 
tattoo. And on many requests and compliments, I made a special post about my tattoos.

It all started with this one on my forearm almost three years ago. I was 20 years old. 
The initials of my mom and dad (Lydia & Richard) with my very own design. Still my 
best Christmas present ever!

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Ok, lets go back in time. As an 11-years old girl I was fascinated by this kiss tattoo. So I told 
my mom: 'When I'm 18 I want this tattoo!' and on November 20 (2012) - two years later than 
expected - it finally happened...

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On May 27 (2012) on the date of my grandpa's death I got this little cross behind my ears. 
This is for all my loved ones who are in heaven right now.

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And last but definitely not last ;-) on August 19 (2013), my triangle. To my it stands for 
master of your destiny. And as I'm a control freak I believe you're the boss of your own thoughts.

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What do you think of tattoos? Do you have one yourself? 
Or still in doubt of wanting one? Let me know :)


  1. ♡it! ♡it! ♡it! my tattoo girl ;)

    XO auntie

  2. Love them! Je nieuw is ook heel gaaf! Ik neem weer een nieuwe in november!


  3. I really love the lights of your photos!
    so cute blog

  4. I love the subtle triangle! I got a tattoo on my back but I don’t like it anymore.


  5. u are soo chic!!! love your style and blog,, wanna follow eahc other?? kisses

  6. @Belulove: aw thank you so much! That's so sweeeeet :)

    xxx Linsey

  7. Ik hou van kleine subtiele tattoos! Ik wil zelf ook heel graag maar ben nog bezig lef te verzamelen haha

    Liefs, Esther - Confashions

  8. I love your triangle tatoo !

    Xxx Cécile