BOTTLES UP! It's fri-yay so Jack is your best friend tonight. But there's a lot more to do with it 
than just drinking it. Do not, I repeat, do not throw away the bottle!

Why not? Recycle! It not only looks awesome to use it as a lamp, soap-bottle or a piggy,
Jack is such a handyman!  And look what I did with my Jack Daniels bottle…
(last picture on the right!)




Out of the green ;) I am obsessed with the army trend. Again. We have a love and hate relationship
I am serious! But since last week we reconciled and there's peace. So let's bring on the soldier clothes!

These pics are coming from the old box, where me and army were also still good together ;)
But this jacket is - as you can see - a little bit different than the one you think of when I say; 
camo-coat, right?

Besides the famous green camo, I slightly have a thing for this sand color, also known as the desert uniform.
What do you think of the army trend? And what about this sand color?



Aah, red roses! My  favorite. (My birthday is on the 21st of february, so you know...)
Maybe the most cliché flowers in the world. But what I always say; clichés are there for a reason ;)

So my favorite flowers on a dress? BINGO! Hello La dress dress. Did you expect these 
shoes underneath it? I already thought you didn't ;)

And look at my hairdo and make-up! This was right after shooting a film for The Chair
Soon I will tell you more about that... But first, enjoy the fresh flowers!

What are your favorite flowers? :)



There they are again, the Linsey dolls. Remember? I love to be creative with my posts!
But I see that as a must when you're a graduated graphic designer and art director ;)

It looks like I was modeling for tons of shows at New York Fashion Week, haha! *I wish*
I dreamed that I was at NYFW to see the Spring/Summer collections for next year… And that
gave me an overload of fantasy, as you might noticed ;-) 

These are my favorite picks! Favorite upcoming trend? Definitely the holographic one (yay!) 
What do you think of the floral looks on the third picture?

What was your favorite NYFW show?!