Hej Monday! While festival season is getting to an end, that doesn't mean the party's over in the 
weekends (or weekdays, whatevah)! Since we all hate the day after, or better said: thé hangover 
 (if you like hangovers, I think you need to make a doctors appointment babe), I can help you to 
 solve some aftereffect problems.

I can not help you with all kinds of hangover remedies for your head or stomach, but I do discovered 
 the best hangover skin therapy which I can't wait to tell you about! So may I? Thank you!



"AHOY sailors, this is captain Linsey speaking live from the NRP Sagres ship! Welcome to SAIL."
I totally forgot my captain hat, too bad though... I actually don't even own a hat like that (if you 
know where to find one, lemme know!) so I can't even be a captain right now.

Last week my social media exploded with pictures of: people on boats, enormous ship views,
friends with friends on boats, sunsets with ships and boats and so on. Nothing to complain though!
Because I was just participating as much as all the other people in Amsterdam ;)

Dutchies like boats and water, so you can imagine how excited we all were when SAIL Amsterdam
finally arrived last week again after 5 years. And not to mention the buzz around it, my Lord!

Have you been to SAIL Amsterdam? And did you also maybe spotted some hot sailors?! ;)



We all know we must believe it: Fall is around the corner... So get your boots, turtlenecks
and Fall bags out of your closet again! But it's also time for something new. 

Let's start with something that starts with a B and ends with oots. Because every lady needs
some killer boots to survive the upcoming seasons. 

These boots are made for buying, so let's boots go shopping!

(PS. And tell me, which one is your favorite?)



Hello everyone, are you enjoying the Summer?! I love to see how everybody's enjoying their
holidays, BBQ's and festivals on Instagram. I also saw on Linsey's instagram she was chilling with
her bohemian peacock chair. That inspired me for a new #Linterior (by Danielle) post!

When I'm thinking of Summer, I'm thinking of three words: sun, outside and bohemian. The sun
because of a beautiful tanned skin. "Outside" because I love to do everyting outside: from dating a
friend to work outs. And bohemian because I love the lifestyle of Ibiza, which I integrate in my outfit
and interior.

Last June I was on holidays in Ibiza (lucky me!) and wrote a Linspiration post: "Ibiza at home". I told
you about how to bring some boho influeces to your home. Linsey picked that up pretty well and
made her own bohemian bedroom! With a beautiful white mosquito net around her bed and, where 
this post is all about, a peacock chair.

This chair is a definite musthave in every boho interior. It feels like summer in your living room,
bedroom or even backyard. I found some perfect Pinterest pinspiration pictures how to style a
peacock chair...

XO Danielle