Hi everybody, it's time for a new (L)interior inspiration post from Danielle! While I'm writing this
post, I'm sitting home with a warm cup of tea and some candle lights. The dark and gloomy months 
just had started and they're actually not my favorite time of the year... But to make it all cosy and
stuff, I burn some candles every night.

A romantic night with my mister lover lover, when friends are visiting me for some tea and cookies,
or even when I'm home alone watching tv: candles are thé perfect solution for every winter evening
to make it the coziest place on earth.



POSE-shoeporn-so-jamie-faber-1 What about porn on your first date? Oh hell yes! Jamie Faber and I had some juicy shoeporn
on our date last month. FYI: we did it at her new office...

Who wouldn't say yes to a date with this hot shoe designer momma of So Jamie?
Uhm, hashtag total package?! Sorry fellas, she's already taken... ;)

What to wear to the girlboss of a shoe label? (Since I'm not owning a pair So Jamie's (yet)),
your best shoes evah. It was this or my Loubies, but since these DKNY ladies got a bit more
compliments - Jamie did so either ;) - I decided to rock these booties.

 A lot of "Zaandam" gossipz and memories came on the table, since this is our actual hometown.
And - of course - shoe talk. Jamie showed her favorite pair of her collection. And mine? Without a
doubt the OTK's! So bootielicious. But sold out, of course... She gave me a peek into her SS16
collection what I can't show you yet and is still a major secret and I've seen already, lekker puh! ;)



Bonjour mes amis! Je suis @LinseySijmons on (L)instagram. Ne me quitte pas if you're following
me already ;) While half of the world has second thoughts about being on social media or not, I will
assure you: I'm staying mon cheri. Let that be clear! Why? So I can share incredible moments like
these Paris memories!

That moment when you realize it has already been a month ago(!!!) when you we're visiting your
favorite city in the world. Besides not knowing The Ritz was closed for two years already, Paris was
formidable, as always. But somehow it all feels like a blur now, a dream... Just like my NYC
experience. Was it all fake? Na'ah! I just can't believe I've been there!

If you're reading this you're lucky! Because you're gonna discover some delish hotspots, tips
and looks which you can definitely apply to your future trip to Paris.



"You used to call me on my cell phone, late night when you need my love. Call me on my cell 
phone, late night when you need my love. And I know when that hotline bling. That can only 
mean one thing. I know when that hotline bling. That can only mean one thing."

What Drake tries to say is: I got a new phone - iPhone 6s (gold) to be exact, *yay!* - and now all
I need are some ah-some phone cases! So the research has begun and I must say, I'd rather be surfing
on Bonaire, but for new phone cases I surfed the internet and traveled the whole wide web for me,
myself and you. Trust me, it's been one hell of a journey!

I don't believe I'm the only one with a new phone and in desperate need of new cases. So just
in case ;) you're like me and you have poop on your hands - which is a literal translation of a 
Dutch saying - or better said: if you're little Miss clumsy, you need a case ASAP.

We all know that one phone case isn't enough - 'cause you need to match each one with your 
outfit, duh - so here are the 21 coolest phone cases for an iPhone 6(s) you need to have in your life.
You're welcome :')