Hey this outfit may look familiar! If you're reading my blog for a while, you're totally right and 
maybe having a déjà vu moment right now. If you're a newbie here, hey, here's a new look! ;)

Besides it's (throwback)thursday - the reason why I'm sharing this post - I would love to wear this look 
again! Especially at this time of the year. With the tights, boots, faux fur and my beloved Kenzo hat.

But let's just wear it virtual, 'cause I ain't gonna wear the same stuff twice ya know… ;)



I'm just in love with cactuses. Just because they're so soft and sweet... Haha! But I do love them though.
If you put a cactus somewhere, it somehow becomes stylish. Just like putting a Chanel logo on it. 

Another plus; these sharp cuties are easy to maintain. Although they're quite dangerous in a way, 
okay okay, they're not a murder weapon (aren't they?!) they look so freaking cute!

Here's how I chill with them. Or better said; how I have them in my home. And also some 
(L)inspiration how to chill with a cactus...



Oh you know how I like matchy matchy stuff. And now you also know I like to be a princess ;) 
 I don't know if I made the right decission on the ice part though... 

So since Winter is almost there it immediately makes me think of the holidays. Which I would love to 
celebrate in another country. This became kind of a tradition the past years. I'm talking about NYE
 Because I wanna celebrate Christmas with the whole family (duh!)

London, Paris, Milano, Amsterdam. Every year I started my first day of the year in another city. 
Where will it be this time!? What's your favorite NYE destination? And do you already have plans?



Ohhh gawd, I'm getting a bit nervous with the fact that Winter is already around the corner 
while I'm not even used to the Fall season yet! Luckily will today be thé day for me... 

And with thé day I mean I'm going to pick up my ultimate wintercoat which I will tell you
more about very very soon... ;) But first I wanna show you this breathtaking coat.

Happy weekend!