Yeah, this was one of my villa's on Bali, Ametis Villa.We had a personal Butler - Putu, such a cutie - 
a private pool and garden, "room service" or better said, served breakfast everyday plus dinner, 
cocktails and Balinese massages, yep that's was all it I guess. Oh and I almost forgot, a surprise 
birthday cake. #NOBIGGIE

Of course I didn't forgot my surprise birthday cake and that "#nobiggie" was the biggest joke I ever 
made because let me be clear about something: this villa was heaven on earth, but then even better. 

I know, I know everybody always says the "yeah it was so amazing, I want to stay here forever 
#takemeback" bullcrap, but seriously guys, I just can't deny I'm almost crying my eyes out when 
I'm looking at these pictures again. Oh my Gucci, this was the sh*t. Paradise (by the dashboard light) 
kinda sh*t. Some paradise I never experienced before. 

Wanna discover thé hidden gem of Bali? Then this is the place honeys.
Terima kasih for having me Ametis Villa, you brought my Bali trip to a whole next level!



It was a challenge to put two whole weeks on Bali in just a two minutes video. But hallelujah I did it! 
And this is just a warm up from all the posts that are coming up.

Let's waste no more words and you better watch it... #POSEONTOUR



Ha! You were thinking I was gonna overload you with all my jealous making Bali and 
Australia photos, right? ;) But you were wrong, for now. Okay, I was on the other side of the world, 
but I virtually was in New York, Milano, London and Paris the last month for Fashion Week
*Long live the WiFi*

Black, purple, beige, pastel, lace(s), ruffles, fringe, leather, fur and OTK boots. And this, ladies 
and gentlemen, was the fastest Fall Winter '16/'17 trend course ever given. Don't ask me why I 
made it so hard on myself, but I selected only 15(!) killer looks of Fashion Month. These looks 
will almost give you an orgasm because they're just too hot to handle. 

So this is what I'll be wearing next Winter... ;)



You know how white teeth makes me feel? SEXY. It makes me wanna laugh even harder than
I already did, so the full attention are on my teeth and smile! Don't if know that's quite sexy but
that's okay :D

I'm not that "fake it till you make it" kinda girl, but I must confess: I used teeth whitener and
I'm proud of it! I always dreamed of that "semi" Hollywood smile - not that The Bold And The 
Beautiful kinda one, but a little less - but at the dentist it costs around $500,00 which is kinda
expensive, don't you think?

Then I discovered Smile Brilliant. And besides they detoxed me from my coffee addiction - 'cause 
let me tell you honey, it's not doing anythang good to ya teeth - they made my dream come true.
It's cheap, it's easy, it's fast - your teeth are white within a week! - and less scary than at the dentist
because you're doing it yourself at home. I wanted to be the guinea pig for this "Project White Smile"
and share my experience with you.

So let me show you the whole process of my Smile Brilliant teeth whitening experience.
There are actually just 6 steps, 1 week and you're done...