I don't know why, but somehow this outfit reminded me of the 90's. Maybe it's because of the 
oversized mom jeans? Or the knitted crop top? Or maybe because I was born in the 90's. Yep yes,
90's kid represent right here, if you didn't know already! ;) Now let's guess what year I came into
the world... I will leave that up to you guys. (Here's a little hint.)

Talking about that mom jeans, my mom recognized this model right away! You know what 
she said? 'Aha, that's the exact same jeans I wore back in my days! Where did you get that? 
Is that even for sale?!' 'Yes mom, it's vintage. Just like these denim shorts I have in every denim 
color.' She was so flabbergasted these jeans were still trending right now. Or actually, again.

I didn't asked what she thought about this trend. Although I'm definitely feeling this one ;)
The only thing I knew she had a major flashback in her head with sparkles in her eyes, so cute.

Are there any 90s kids right here, reading my blog?! What year were you born?



Can't talk. No time. Big preparations going on for the best party ever tonight: SENSATION. 
This is a look I wore two years - Jesus, this was two years ago already?! - ago to my favorite party!

What kind of outfit do you think I'm wearing this time? One tip: it's white... ;)



I know you love to travel and want to see the whole world, you little wanderlust ;-) From every
country you've been, you take a little souvenir home. But we can't travel every day of our lives and
it's nice to dream a bit. So what about a BIG map on your wall with little flags on the places were you
have been? I think it's such a great idea!

Every month there's is a fabulous flea market in Amsterdam: IJHALLEN. Last time I was there I saw 
a stand with a lot of old schoolmaps. From Europe maps to Asia maps, Africa maps and even maps of 
our little country the Netherlands! I directly had a flashback to my schooldays. And honestly, that 
wasn't the best object to see when you were at school... But for now as home decoration it's amazing. 

Another tip from Linsey: "If you're in Amsterdam there's this amazing store called "Pied รก Terre". 
Which is located on Overtoom 135-137. The best travel bookshop I've ever seen!"



Shooting or not shooting, I never wear an outfit twice. Why? Why not actually?! When you're
having a HUGE wardrobe with thousands of mix and matching looks, why the hell should you wear
a look twice? At least that's what I think ;)

Posting your outfits twice is another side of this story... But the rule to that is; only in a recap post. 
Et voila, welcome to my recap post! Which look is your favorite?

Do you wear your outfits more than once?