Being all mysterious and sh*t... Showing my boobies to the sea, haha just kidding ;)
I'm wearing this gorgeous bikini which I'm gonna show you later. First this towel that
keeps me nice and warm in 30 degrees... ;P



Although my birthday was almost two months ago (7 weeks and 6 days to be exact), I still wanted
to share this celebration look with you! And this wasn't just a 25th b-day party, this was my very first 
bare legged birthday, hell yes! Maybe the most normal thing on earth for some of you, but for a
Winter kid like moi, this is execptional. And awesome.

I had the coolest birthday ever. Surrounded by family, jumping around in a Summer dress, watching
the sunset and getting amazing presents like these cutiepie shoes I'm wearing (Masha danki Kimmie!)
My parents got me - my very first - surfing lessons, woah! That was amazeballs.

Oh, and I got this trip to New York from le boyfriend, no biggie... (OMG I can't breathe!!!)



I've shown you a lot of palm trees, bikini's and socks and sandals. No, that last one was just
once in Paris, okay. But besides all the coconuts and stuff there are these unexpected hidden
treasures on Bonaire.

I also wanted to show this other side of the island; Put Bronswinkel. That maybe doesn't sound
that flattering as this place looks, and that is just totally true :) The sun shines through the woods
and besides the silence you hear the birds sing. That's is just a magical OMG moment which I
insist you should experience once in your life. Amen!



I think I'm creating this new addiction called traveling. Of course I always loved traveling - like 
almost everyone of you - but something always kept me back, and that was flying. I was so scared at 
an unhealthy level, that sometimes it wasn't even fun anymore and asked myself: "why am I even 
going when it's no fun?!" So it became this mind play game.

I'm a perfectionist. With work, in private life, with anything. My big challenge was to overcome this 
fear by winning from it. So for years and years - with the worst thoughts and feelings you can't even 
imagine - I always pushed myself to this breaking point and I entered my big friend; le plain... 

We builded this love/hate relationship. Oh and I hate him though, but without him I can't visit my 
dream destinations which are on my bucket list. Now after years it's going so well I'm creating this 
travel addiction and makes it 100% fun and excited (how it's supposed to be!) Which to me says 
I overcome my biggest fear. HA, I WON!!! 

Is someone with me? That is or has overcome it's biggest fear? Tell me, I would love 
to hear all your stories!

(PS. And let me tell you something; overcome your fear feels like the best thing in the world!)