Time flies when you're busy. And I don't mind that february is already around the corner.
Becauseits my favorite month of the year! I wish it could be february every month.

Lets start with Bonaire, which I will be almost the entire month. Spending Valentines day with
le boyfriend there (wow) and last but definitely not least; go shorties its ma bday! Which I will be
spending with 30 degrees for the first time in my life. 

Finally wearing a dress with bare legs in the "winter" without any chance that my legs will freeze of,
yeahssss! So come to mama february! Totally ready for ya ;)



Brace yourself, hot and tropical pics are coming you're way next week. Why? 'Cause I'm already 
mentally preparing for my trip to Bonaire(!!!) Again? Yes, again. Can you believe it? I don't actually!

My mind is already on the Caribbean but my body is still here in 2 freaking degrees... Wearing my 
warmest clothes and packing my "most naked" ones ;) You wish you could walk naked all day because you're on fire.

Let's dream away already and flashback to my latest Caribbean trip with major jealous making pictures
Sorry I'm not sorry! ;)



On my last day of Fashion week was all about shoes. And silver. And glitter. About the 
first thing I knew. So I put on one of my favorite Acne shoes together with this fluffy top and 
mega sexy trousers (look at my a la Kim K. but! Okay, not even close but hey...) 

The silver and glitter were a pleasant surprise! Thanks for that Mister de la Bretoniere ;)
Now let's say farewell to Amsterdam Fashion Week, this was the end again... 
See you next season MBFWA ;)

And if you love shoes, trust me, you're gonna love this post without a doubt!
Which one is your favorite? I'm loving the ones on the last picture...



Day two of Fashion Week and it's starting to look like jungle book. The press are animals and
photographers see people like me as their prey. The models are beautiful tigers and the designer is
the (Lion) King or queen.

And I? I look like a mix of a bear and a unicorn, haha. (It's so) fluffy(!) and colorful. With that
physical appearance I will survive and eat them all raw! And you're gonna hear me roarrrrr... ;)