(Photos by me)
Because I have made SO many pictures last week, it's time to make a decision... Only my 
favorite shows won the competition for a special place on my blog. And this is one of them. 

A backstage report of the Tony Cohen show last saturday. I've been there from (almost) the 
beginning 'til the end. To experience a show from "the other side" reminds you that it's 
blood, sweat and tears to pull of a fashion show. Those hard working people deserve so 
much respect for what they do. So, respect Tony and crew :)


  1. Super leuke foto's en prachtig filmpje! Well done!

    Xoxo Whitney

  2. nice photos, looks like an amzing show! :)


    1. Thanks Bridgid. Yeah it really was :)

      xxx Linsey

  3. Wauw super leuk dat filmpje! X

  4. Leuuuuk!! Ik was bij de show van TC (en werk in de winkels), leuk om te zien dat jij backstage foto's hebt gemaakt en daarbij hebt geholpen.. Heb zelf vorige x ook geholpen en het is indd echt dikke hektiek he! Hahahha.
    Leuke blog ook :)


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