Okay, this is not good... 
There are so many things I want so bad that 
I could make a complete collage of it!
Well, if I was a billionaire I guess I 
bought it all but unfortunately I'm not.

Look at the gorgeous Pixiemarket lace pants, 
the colorful Nastygal maxi dress, the classy 
blazer and pinky pants from Zara, Nastygal's 
half moon bag, the Zara coat with the leather 
sleeves, the beautiful Asos flare pants, 
River Island's studded heels, Maurie and Eve's 
stunning wedges and the lovely waterfall blouse 
from Asos. A whole list as you can see...

Can you help me out to make a choise?! 
Which one do you like the most if you may 
choose two of the whole collage.

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