personal // STRIKE A POSE

(Photos by Richard Sijmons)

There are places on earth that aren't so peaceful. Invisible places you can't see and it's closer 
with you than you think. A dark place full of hate, demons and devils. With my psychic 
powers I took a return ticket from the civilization to deadly hell...

My eyes directly became demon red when I entered hell. Did I become one of them? Is there 
a way back? I tried to escape from this dark and negative world. Fighting for my life! And 
there I was... In one flash they threw me at a cemetery with still having my red eyes of hell. 
The demons ripped my pants because of the fights and brand marked my jacket so I'll always 
be one of them... There is no way back. They keep whispering: 'Welcome to Hell'.


  1. Wat een mooie muts heeft dat meisje!

  2. oh SCARY EYES. nice pants tho :)!

  3. show me the ones you ordered? im sure they´re awesome as well!! I want the JC ones so badly though :) x

  4. Thanks for the compliments!
    @Francheska I send you a link from the look-a-likes I ordered at your blog :)

    xxx Linsey

  5. love these pictures!! esp love your cross earing and love the whole attitude to the pictures! great blog !


  6. Wat een vette foto's!

    XO Charlotte