lifestyle // TRAVEL DIARY

 (Photos by Richard Sijmons)
Hello you guys! Today it's time for Happily ever after part 2. Well, that sounded a bit like 
I'm introducing a new program on MTV or something. Excusez moi, that definitely wasn't 
the intention I wanted to make. If you haven't seen part 1 check HERE (or scroll down to the 
previous post.) And so here the sequel...

1. I really needed some help with my high heels because we had to walk up to one hell of a hill as you can see... Love you honey!
2. Everything is thought through, everything is perfect! Look how beautiful the tables were made.
3. A cute bridesmaid with her gorgeous flower headband. Also very fashionable now!
4. Allll the guests of the fairytale wedding
5. At a perfect wedding includes a perfect location. This was the wonderful place for our dinner.
6. Awww, look at the newly weds! So sweet!
7. Of course I didn't forget to strike a pose, TADA ;-)


  1. Your skirt is lovely!

    XO Charlotte

  2. Thanks a lot girls! I'm also in love with the skirt, it's so comfi! Love Supertrash :)

    xxx Linsey