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Because I just graduated as an Art Director, I'm always very 
interested in my profession. So my dad texted me and said: you've 
got to see this guerrilla stunt! Well, this Art Director is a 
genius! If I should give him a grade on a scale of 1 to 10, it 
definitely would be a 10. Let me explain:

Zeeman is one of the most cheapest stores you can imagine in 
Holland. Very, very low budget clothing and stuff. To be honest, 
most fashionistas would rather die than wear something of Zeeman.
But they made one killer of a guerrilla stunt! Zeeman's vision is 
"it don't need to be expensive to look good" so they established a 
"luxury" brand (completely undercover!) where only 7 people knew 
about and called it FRANK. Their goal was to launch this "brand" 
at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. And they did... 
Just watch it:

One word: GENIUS! This is the best fashion guerrilla I've ever 
seen. Tell me, what do you think of this?


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