lifestyle // TRAVEL DIARY

(Photos by me & Bryan)
Well, this is it... The end of 10 tropical days. Here a goodbye 
post for Tarifa with some black and white photos that gives you a 
stronger "memorial-feeling" and a lovely farewell song from Paul 
Kalkbrenner; Sky and Sand.

As you can see I worked really hard on my tan those last days so 
I'm very proud of myself doing such a great job (because it's such 
a hard job!) hihi.

It's not always fun to swim at the sea here. Because it's more 
than possible a kite can land on your head every minute. But of 
course we tried and something else (funny) happens... I think I
can say I was kinda raped by a large wave of the sea. He tried to
rip my tiny little bikini of my body and almost kinda drowned me
for no reason. Do I have to go to the police now? (:P)

Well, I have a flight to catch, so see you in Holland again!