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(Photos by a lot of people *A*)
YAYYY! All my hard work finally get paid off, because 
me and my "fashion corner" (how we four called by the teachers) 
GRADUATED! So from now on, I'll go through life with "Art 
Director" on my resumé. I'm proud of all my classmates, everybody 
did such an awesome job! Some exam projects were sick! Hihi. 

If you're interested in mine, you can CLICK HERE to see a part of 
my exam; the intro (TV)commercial. To explain the concept: Ninja 
is a Japanese fastfood restaurant with the most delicious sushi, 
noodles etc. The concept of my campaign is "Feel like a Ninja"
So If you've eaten at Ninja, you feel like a Ninja. And that's 
what this commercial is based on. Hope you enjoy it ;)

Also noticed my dress? It's a D.I.Y. dress inspired by Balmain. If 
you check my blog tomorrow, you have a better look of the dress. 
See you tomorrow :)



  1. FASHION CORNER FASHION CORNER FASHION 4!!!! Beetje jammer dat we geen foto van ons 4e hebben haha. Die moeten we in de jimmy dan maar maken! :D

  2. Yeahh the Fashion 4!!! Haha. Ja Precies, er zullen vast nog wel genoeg foto's met z'n viertjes komen :p xxxx

  3. Staat jouw blog op Amerikaanse tijden ingesteld ofzo? Er staat dat ik om 06:19 reageerde, toen lag ik nog in bed hoor :D

  4. Hahaha ik zie het :P Nu is het half 10 in de ochtend bij jou, haha

  5. Hahaha nou zat ik maar in Amerika, lekker in LA aan het strand ofzo. Die ene foto van ons is trouwens wel heel erg duo penotti zeg jemug. Wat ben jij bruin!!