beauty // COSMETICS

(Photos by me)

I recently bought these lovely skin products I want to share with 
you. To be honest, my skin s*cks sometimes... Normally I used 
those cleaning wipes (I'm not pretty sure its called like that 
*A*) but that wasn't good at all for me. But my skin looks like a 
sunshine since I use these products! And important: cheappp!!! 
Although if I have to spent money for a good skin, I'm prepared to 
do that. But if it isn't necessary than that's even better. 

These products are from the famous perfumery Douglas named Venus, 
by their own homemade brand. You can choose between the pink or 
blue package. Pink for the younger skin and blue for the normal 
and older skin. As you can see, I had chosen blue, and I'm very 
very happy with these products. You can buy them in every Douglas
store or online. So a HUGE tip to you all :)


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