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I need your opinion! I saw this jacket at H&M and I 
thought it was stunning. I tried it on and it looked 
incredible. And the price was good as well (60 euros!). 
But still I doubted... 

I said to myself 'No H&M for me for a while'. Not 
because I don't like the H&M, but because 65% of my 
closet comes from that store. And I thought it would 
be nice also having some other, maybe more exclusive 
pieces in my wardrobe. That's the reason why I didn't 
bought it. But I'm still doubting *A* What do you 
think? Should I buy it or not?!


  1. Miss Ring,

    You should definitely buy it :D

    Sincerely, Miss Grudge

  2. I already thought you'd say that Miss Grudge *A*


  3. I just think it would bring so much color since you always look a little pale when you crawl out of the tv, just saying. We DO have color tv nowadays.