Well... I told you I had ended this year GREAT with shopping in London, but I begun 2011 horrible, jesussss! 
We expected a whole different NYE what we'd planned.
The plan was to be at Piccadilly Circus at midnight but we were too late so we'd wished each other a happy new year in the Subway. Or, how the English called it; the Underground. 
Very romantic though...

So we arrived at 00:20 at Piccadilly and the only thing we could see was a drunken crowd of party animals with 
a lot puke on the ground and K.O. people lying on stretchers.
Actually the hope on a smashing night was far, far away. BUT still we wanted to try getting in a nice club or the last option, a pub or something. And that was a NO GO either unfortunately.

So there I was, all dressed up with my glitter top, maxiskirt and blue high heels... 
But why I was dressed like this? Definitely not for the amazing party we went to...

Well, let's go home then! 
Oh hell no, we couldn't! It was so busy everywhere; buses, undergrounds, cabs, FULL, FULL and again FULL.
We walked for miles and finally we could crabbed cab that definitely saved my night.

At least I made a picture of my party like outfit! 
Hope you certainly had a better NYE than me, do you? :)

Vintage glitter top, Zipper - Maxiskirt, H&M - Heels, Primark


  1. doesn`t sound pretty well... but there are many other nye to go..

    i had to learn for my exams.. not even better. i just went on my balcony when it was midnight, drinking some wine, watched the fireworks and wished myself a happy new year.. haha


  2. So I'm not the only one who has a horrible NYE, haha!
    That's too bad that you'd homework :(
    But I didn't even had a glass of wine or something! Goddd...

    Thanks for following btw. I really appreciate it :)