Last weekend I went to the school party/reunion at my old high school (IVKO) with my BFF Candace, who also "studied" on IVKO. We'd laughed our asses off that night, haha! 

This isn't just a normal high school, it's a really different crowd of people. Very creative and almost everyone has the "I don't care what you think of me, attitude" what I think is very clever at an age like that! 

We had such a great time that night and also saw some teachers we didn't seen in years of course.

Because this was the last day in the building (they're moving out to another place) we drew our mark on the wall. We called our "group" (in those days) RFL; Rainbow for Life. A really lame name, I know but we'd always wore colorful clothes so that's why. 
And for a good excuse, WE WERE YOUNG ;) So here were two pictures of that night...

B R A N D S 
Leather jacker, white shirt, necklace & shoes, H&M
Pants, American Apparel
Envelope bag, Vero Moda


  1. Outfit staat je mooi zeg!
    - Love, Charlotte