beauty // SKIN CARE

(Photos by me)
And with god I mean Drs. Hans Schreuder & FUSE communications. I got these two heavenly 
tubes of Mister Schreuder that most of the times is inspired by nature. The reason I wanted 
to share this with you is because I think you should treat your skin like a queen. You have to 
deal with it your whole life.

1. The Scar Treatment Cream (photo 1) - got some little scars from your "puberty years". Or, as 
a heard from a secret source, Hans Schreuder uses this cream as a day and night cream his 
self, so I did too ;)

2. HPO-Refreshing Cream (photo 2) - walked on sky high heels the whole day? Went shopping for a 
couple of hours? Or maybe did some extreme exercising? This HPO cream is perfect! Because 
it's for tired legs. Always useful since you're running from every place to another!

What kinda skin care do you use? Tell me, I'm curious :)


  1. Leuke post en wat een gave pumps.

  2. Die schoenen zijn zooo gaaf!

  3. Those shoes are amazing! Wow! But the cream looks good! Hopefully you can stop by my personal style blog again sometime!


    1. Thanks! Yeah the creme is really good :)
      I'm definitely gonna stop by your blog!

      xxx Linsey

  4. Die schoenen zijn gaaaaaaaf!:)

    xx Laura