personal // STRIKE A POSE

(Photos by Marisha)
Remember what Carrie Bradshaw wore in the scene of SATC2 when she's going to 
the market with Miranda in Abu Dhabi and bumps up to her ex-BF Aiden? (Sorry, I watched 
that movie too many times so I know every single detail... GEEK!) So I was a littlebit inspired 
by her outfit (see last picture) and, of course, gave it a twist of myself :) Luckily I didn't 
bumped up to my ex-BF and unfortunately I'm not in Abu Dhabi, it's just the outfit...

I'm gonna hurry up now! Because tonight is my birthday party and I have some shopping, 
preparing and cooking to do. Btw, this is my first post I made on my new Macbook Pro! I 
really have to get used to the new one because I still miss my oldie :( 
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Enjoy your weekend! <3