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(Photos by me)
Launch number three! And a special one. Last thursday, the Famous (Dutch) actress Bracha 
van Doesburgh in cooperation with the most beautiful warehouse of Holland Maison de 
Bonneterie, made a exclusive collection for the luxury Lady. Finally, her big dream came 
true! The collection is based on six dresses, two coats and one catsuit.

There she was, the cute and blonde Bracha, keeping an opening speech to all her friends, 
family and guests. Looking very shy, feminine and proud. Then it was time for cutting the 
ribbon! Let's get this party started. 

My opinion of her collection? I don't know if I would wear it, because to me I think it's too 
soft and serious, but it definitely looks gorgeous! Maybe I'm a little bit too young for this 
collection, hihi. But HUGE compliments to Bracha, she did such a wonderful job. The 
collection looks absolutely beautiful!


  1. Wat leuk dat je daar was Linsey! X Iris

  2. Great photos, & there seems to be this pale pink + black color palette through this post which I am loving! xx

  3. Thanks! <3
    And you're right @Arden, it was a coincidence I was wearing the same colors :)

    xxx Linsey

  4. Leuk, je zag er mooi uit!
    Ik ben gister nog even wezen kijken, vond de witte jassen heel mooi!
    X, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

  5. Leuke blog & mooie foto’s heb je!

    Neem eens een kijkje op mijn fashionable blog, als je wilt. Ik heb nu ook nog eens een geweldige give-away en korting met shoppen dankzij een speciale actiecode.

    Laat een berichtje achter :)


  6. ncie pics, check out my blog,http://mwanwan.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/mwanwanmw x

  7. Bonneterie is echt een heerlijke winkel.

  8. Love the warehouse :) And thank you so much for all those sweet comments!

    xxx Linsey

  9. Wat zijn ze mooi (jij en Bracha same)! En wederom wat jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn :(


  10. Looks like something i'd love to wear for work or on one of my 'feeling the 60's sweet little girl vibe'-days :)