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Is this a coincidence or do you think River Island is really inspired by my blog? Well, it 
looks kinda suspicious... 

Yesterday my fashionable aunt Whatsapped me a picture of this t-shirt. And I was surprised 
how much I recognized my blog in this! Do you remember this picture below? Me with my 
new Diana F+ camera. It isn't the same photo, but it looks A LOT like it. "Strike a pose" is 
one of those sayings I definitely use the most (of course it's also in the title of my blog) and 
another coincidence; they used the exact same font I use every time I publish a post.

If it's true, I think it's kinda cool though. But I don't know if I've got to do something...
So, what do you think? Coincidence or did I inspired them?
Maybe I should sent an e-mail to River Island to demand a pair of those shirts and arrange a 
giveaway for you all ;-)


  1. i started to follow
    it will be great, if u answer me in following and do it too <33 i like ur blog
    i have over 1000 followers and want you to be the part of my life
    join and enjoy


  2. Hey Polina! Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your following me now! WELCOME ;-) hihi. I will definitely check out your blog!

    xxx Linsey

  3. Dat lettertype lijkt ook verdaaaaaacht veel op de jouwe. Ik zou naar royalties vragen Sijmons!

  4. Love your blog! We should follow each other!


  5. Thanks girl! I'll check your blog :)

    xxx Linsey

  6. HOW COOL!

    Happy weekend babe

    XO Charlotte