personal // NEW PURCHASE

(Photos by me)

Look at my latest purchase; the ELLE summer edition... And of 
course my Lomography Diana F+ camera!!! That's what this is all 
about ;) Isn't this the cutest camera ever? When I saw this CMYK 
camera for the first time (on the internet) I directly got a big 
smile on my face. Those colors make you so happy doesn't it?! 

And not only her looks makes me happy. This camera works in a very 
old fashion way; with rolls of film. So that's a bit tricky 
because you haven't got a digital display to check if the photos 
came out well. But I like that idea! When you're gonna pick up 
your photos at the store, all excited to see the results and 
stuff. Well, thursday morning I'll go on a vacation to Espana! And 
this cutie pie will definitely go with me to capture some nice 
memories :)



  1. Cool!! I love these cams!! Congrats!

    XO Charlotte

  2. Haha, your blog is just gorgeous! <3

    I also have a Diana F+ since quite a while and I love it! It's so retro and the pictures are just ways more beautiful than by digi-cam...

    Love, M.

  3. Thanks a lot Charlotte, Charlotte and Mary! I'm now going to the store to deliver my "test film roll". I'm curious about the result! :)

    Xxx Linsey