personal // NEW PURCHASE

(photos by me)
Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it, Trash it, Change it, Mail, Upgrade it, Charge it, Point it, Zoom it, Press it, Snap it, Work it, Quick, Erase it, Write it, Cut it, Paste it, Save it, Load it, Check it, Quick, Rewrite it, Plug it, Play it, Burn it, Rip it, Drag it, Drop it, Zip, Unzip it, Lock it, Fill it, Call it, Find it, View it, Code it, Jam, Unlock it, Surf it, Scroll it, Pause it, Click it, Cross it, Crack it, Switch, Update it, Name it, Rate it, Tune it, Print it, Scan it, Send it, Fax, Rename it, Touch it, Bring it, Pay it, Watch it, Turn it, Leave it, Start, Format it. That's technology!

Okay, I think every blogger is materialistic. And there's nothing 
wrong with that! I also like good stuff and always wanting the 
newest of the newest and the best of the best. Pretty similar to a 
lot of you right? Everybody has a bit of materialism in their 
hearts, just like me. Just look at my wonderful Apple collection! 

Actually it's needless to say I'm a Mac addict... People who know 
me by now, knows my three features: Apple, pink and Chanel. And 
that's what you all see at these three pictures. 

I told you a while ago, my lovely boyfriend bought me a wonderful 
gift because he went a month to Texas. That's the pretty in pink 
iPad! We share this beauty and as you can see, it fits perfectly 
in my Apple collection. Thank you honey!
Well, I told my secret, I'm a Mac addict, and I'm not ashamed of 
it ;) So tell me, what's your secret!?



  1. Wat een leuke blog is dit!
    Je maakt echt fantastische foto's en je blogt echt op een hele leuke & orginele manier. SUPER :D


  2. Nou wat een lief berichtje! Heel erg bedankt voor de leuke complimentjes :) ik hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt om mijn blog!

    xxx Linsey