personal // INSPIRATION

(Photos by The Coveteur)

I get jealous when I look at all these pictures. The first four
pictures are from Nicky Hilton; with her extremely awesome
Balenciaga and McQueen collection. Oh gosh, she met freaking
Obama! And selected a perfect outfit by the picture for The
Coveteur. Don't forget the two stunning Hermes bracelets, which
are also on my "wanted list". And that awesome idea for making
photos for your ring collection that looks like it's part of the

Next photos are from Miss Suzanne Rogers. The Alexander McQueen 
clutch hidden between the books, wauwauwauw! Also look at the 
pastel colors of the killer heels. Very lovely. And the last 
picture looks like a very nice tea party with her besties: 
Gabrielle, Coco and Chanel ;)

Some day, I will also make such awesome photos of my future Chanel 
en McQueen collection... *A*


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