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(Photos by elizawashere.nl)
Yes, yes, YES! I booked an incredible vacation for the summer. I'm 
so happy! Finally relaxing, chilling and nothing to care about for 
a moment. Can't wait to feel the Spanish sun on my skin, lying 
there at the beach or at the beautiful lounge garden of Hotel Tres 
Mares in Tarifa, Andalusia (Spain).

This is the very attractive story that directly made my choice to 
book and look no further:
In the southernmost tip of Spain where the sun always shines, I 
found on a provincial road to the ultimate lounge area Tres Mares 
Hotel. Although the Costa de Luz is a beautiful and fascinating 
region, with beautiful wide beaches, there was not one good reason 
to leave the hotel. The huge garden, cocktails, the lovely pool, 
what more could you want. Whole afternoons I spent in my hammock, 
enjoying the relaxing lounge music that exactly suited environment. 
The ideal place to enjoy a lazy week to blow on your surfboard to 
life on the waves or just for lounging... 



  1. very nice blog!!


  2. Thank you Martina! :D

    Xxx Linsey