personal // INSPIRATION

This is another inspiration post I normally make. But me and my 
friends made such a cool picture last weekend that I've got to 
share with you! As you can see, we're kinda Chanel addicts. Chanel 
is my favorite brand in anything: make-up, shoes, bags, clothes,  
jewelry, everything! I wish I was a rich kid that could buy  
anything I love of that brand. But wishing is good, maybe it will  
ever be reality *A* and this most luxury and classy brand will 
always be an inspiration to me.

Some of you might have seen this movie I posted. And if you 
haven't, you're dying! It's SO awesome! You HAVE to see it :)


  1. amazing!!
    xoxo Sienna


  2. Thanks! Did you´ve seen the movie?! :D