personal // STRIKE A POSE

Well, it's sunday again... Weekend is almost over, 
unfortunately. And I thought this was a funny post
to end the week with. Plus with the funny and fantastic
song from Yelle. So listen and enjoy ;) And I'm SO happy
right now! The shoes I posted lately in the "wanted" 
section, from Nelly.com, were sold out lately :( but
I checked every day, because you never know, maybe some
crazy person returns the magnificent heels back. And
YES they were! So they're my new babies now! Yayyy!
So striking a pose is a must for you guys :)

And soon I'll also post about the Lykke Li concert! 
And how was your weekend?
B R A N D S:
PRIMARK sunnies & necklace // KOH nailpolish // ASOS ring // TOPSHOP cuffs // D.I.Y. top // RIVER ISLAND bag // BJORN BORG jeans // VANS shoes


  1. Cool! J'aime le sac et les lunettes!!!

    Angela Donava

  2. Merci pour le compliment Angela! How does that sound?! Haha :)

    xxx Linsey