personal // NEW PURCHASE

(All photos by me)
Excusez moi for the late update... If I could, I would posted 
my new lovely ringies way earlier than this. But unfortunately 
I didn't had the opportunity to go on with my life. The 
internet did not feel like working today, because he didn't 
work at school. This sounds very "forever alone" and dramatic,
but I realized the internet is a daily activity and a part of 
my routine. Or, to be honest, I'M AN ADDICT. So today I played
all my iPhone Apps over and over again -___-'

About the rings, nice huh?! Expanding your ring collection is
never a crime. So why not three at one time? Don't ask me why 
I called them Little Freaks. But they're all three different 
and yet fit together as well. I almost went crazy when I saw 
the cross ring from Asos back in stock! These mini freaks are 
all from Asos by the way. Which one is your favorite?



  1. ik ... wil ... die ... ringen... ook ... hebben ...! hihi! heel mooi :)

  2. Haha! Dankje!
    Asos.commmmmm ;) hihi. Ik zou ff checken als ik jou was!
    Echt heel veel leuke ringen.