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(All photos by me)

The reason why I didn't made any blog posts this weekend is because 
I had a very romantic "goodbye" day and night in this classic
Hotel Des Indes The Hague. My boyfriend is in the army and (unfortunately)
he has to go to America for the whole month... So we decided to 
make last weekend as romantic and fun as we can, and we certainly

Look at this classy hotel! Like a diamond. That's why I made
this a hotspot for every reader (Dutch or not Dutch) who want to
go to the lovely city Den Haag (The Hague). Really good shopping,
close to the beach at Scheveningen and owns this incredible hotel.

About the Hotel:
Okay, honestly, the price is a little, tiny bit more than the
regular price you're paying for a hotel. But you're getting 5
stars and a hotel with a lot of history and class.

Also recommended:
BREAKFAST! Hmmmm! When I'm thinking back I spontaneously getting
hungry again. Scrambled eggs, American pancakes, (chocolate!)
croissants, champagne, fresh juice and so much more to choose. 


Hotel Des Indes The Hague // Lange Voorhout 54-56 // 2514 EG, Den Haag // T. +31 70 361 2345


  1. L'hotel est tres beau!!!Super!

    Angela Donava

  2. It is just as beautiful you see at the pictures!!!

    xxx Linsey

  3. It's a lovely hotel. It breaths history, that's what makes it worth every penny! Hope you're holding up there, I know the feeling of a bf going away...

    xo Charlotte

  4. Exactly! Well, he's back at the 25th of May. So I'm going out with friends and family for the times to go fast. :)
    I love your blog btw!

    xxx Linsey