Tomorrow... The day has finally come... THE day... 

...The Lykke Li (SOLD OUT) concert! FINALLY!
I'm so excited, I adore Miss Lykke Li so much. Se makes
such inspiring music and definitely has an one of a kind
voice. But music isn't the only inspiring thing about 
this singer, also her rough and underground'ish 
clothing style. I think this lady is very fashionable 
in her own way.

At the end of February she published her newest CD 
"Wounded Rhymes". Definitely recommended! Especially
the numbers:
- Silent My Song (listen here above)
- Get Some
- Love Out Of Lust
- I Follow Rivers
- Youth Knows No Pain
- Sadness Is A Blessing
- I Know Places
- Jerome

Well, that's almost the whole album *A*... So I can 
say here CD is fantastic.

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  1. u r so lucky become more'lykke'!!! i wish i can attend one of her concert, and take this kind of cool foto!!!