personal // STRIKE A POSE

Today I wasn't really in the mood to go 
face to face with my camera. I'm not 
feeling so well, a bit ill I guess...
It's finally nice weather and it's hard
to enjoy it in this condition I am right
now :( So I hope you're also enjoying my 
"Strike a pose" post now of today's outfit!

It was warm in the sun but cold in the shadow. 
So today was perfect to wear my Ugg flats! And
a knit with short sleeves and a blazer. I'm so
happy with my dragon red Chanel nail polish! 
Thanks to my lovely friends as a present for 
my birthday. I experimented with "nail art" if
you can call my piece of art/nails like that ;) 
but I'll post that later this week.
So what do you think of my outfit?!


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