First of all, I want to apologize for the lack 
of posting last weekend.Please let me explain: 
I had such a busy weekend! Friday, I had to work 
backstage at the Bjorn Borg fashion show. 
What was a GREAT experience to see how it's going 
behind the "curtains". Also was the application 
deadline for the Fashion Masters education at ArtEZ 
today. And because I'm seriously dying for that study, 
I want to make it all perfect. 

Yesterday wasn't a quite lazy day either... 
I'm in the demo-team of my dance school where I'm 
training three times a week. And yesterday we'd had 
a dance contest called "The Battle". Although we 
didn't won, we'd rocked!!!

And now back to Bjorn Borg, that's where this post is 
actually all about.

The photos:
STRIKE A POSE! ;) // The place where the models were 
sitting most time of the day, the MAKE-UP // working 
hard to make my Bjorn Borg looks perfect at the 
catwalk! // However I didn't sat in the audience this 
time, I could take a flash of the show at the flatscreen 
next to my clothing rack // verrrry nice jacket from my 
neighbor model Nicky // How luxury! Models had their 
own toilet? Well, I also peed on it! And nothing different 
about that toilet. Hahaha! // Always fun having a afterparty 
with a nice glass of white wine. 

It was a fun and fashionable night!
(All photos by me)