As I told you before, I was (and still am) looking for a Christmas/NYE outfit. 
Me and my boyfriend were shopping in Amsterdam and at the end of the afternoon something bad happened... 

This eye catcher of a dress (D&G) shouted my name "Linseyyy, come here, buy meee!" So this breath taking piece of fabric fell directly in my hands and I automatically walked towards the fitting room. 
And then, one of the most horrible things; it also fit perfectly and exactly as I wanted to fit!

And I guess you would think, why is she so negative about this? 
Well... Because... IT WAS 1200 EURO'S!!! My god, I can't afford that!
Stupid me, why'd I had to fit this dress? There's no outfit who can top this dress with a "normal" price for me. So it's going to be hard to find a cute one now...

I immediately fell in love with this glamourous piece. If you ever have seen something like this or want to buy it for me (haha!), please give a comment or e-mail me. Thank you!


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  2. Ooh wauw! Thanks for the huge compliment :D
    I directly go take a look at your blog now!