I've always been experimenting with my style and how to wear my clothes and accessories. Some people like to match everything together but I believe some people don't. I am the one that loves matchy matchy! So that's why I want to make "matchy matchy" a piece of my blog. I'll post some matchy stuff I like or made on my own. Enjoy :)

I wore this last weekend with some wooden high heels, a grey dress and half leather half fabric legging. As you can see I love glitters and sparkles and I'm also in love with almost anything with a bow on it :$ hihi. 
Maybe it's a bit too much, but my style is always a bit too much ;) 
I also get a kind of a christmas feeling if I see this picture. Of course it depends on how you're wearing it. If you would wear something like this with a cute red dress, some awesome tights and red heels, you already have your christmas outfit!

B R A N D S 
Sparkling blazer, N├╝mph - Bow necklace, New Yorker - Bow headband, Kling - Sparkle purse, Primark

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  1. lovely! I like the ribon necklace!! :D

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