3... 2... 1... GO!

Hi everybody!

There are a few reasons why I'm starting this blog:

Because I'm a creative person and I really want to express myself with these two passions I have: graphic design and fashion, what's also a good mix, I think ;)

I'm studying for Art Director now and my Dad is experimenting with photography.
Now it's for both of us a chance to express ourselves. For me with my outfit creations, the graphic design on my blog, making concepts for the shoots and for my dad the way he's taking pictures and learning to become a top photographer :)

It's also nice to have a blog and watch back at your live. It reminds you at the good things you´ve done.

Another reason is that I want to share all these things with the world and hope I'll get some lovely comments and it enjoy's you as a reader.
And I also hope that I can be a part of the tiny little fashion world.

Thank you very much for reading! And enjoy my blog :)


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